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Sep 23, 2002
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Happy Valley, OR
I ain't telling :)
    1. bnorth10
      Hi Nick been a while since I've been on here been busy with life...I'm looking for a front 44 set up or matching set to put under a flatty.. I had a guy break one of my jeeps and is going to pay me to fix it I want to upgrade axles.. What would it cost to have you build me a set with 5.38s or 4.88s?
    2. gunner
      Nick, John Ryan here (gunner on the forum). I have a low-slung Koenig winch complete with 5/16" cable and the original Koenig drum guard/fairlead part. All original- paint etc- and in great shape. I'll be down in Puyallup again; if anybody down your way is looking for one, I could take it down with me. I haven't taken any pics yet but will send them down to you if there is any interest. Thanks
    3. Jasontg
      Got the soft top parts yesterday. Thanks again

    4. jwmckenzie
      Nick. I am interested in the wiper motor. What is the ride to 01845. Thanks.
    5. 45es
      Nick, On the intermediate forum you commented to a question regarding corrector or best caster angle. I asked if you could expand on one of your comments to try and better understand what you are discribing. A fellow I know is having a steering problem and although I haven't seen the jeep yet I want to have a better understanding in addition to caster what can posibly be causing his problem. Could you please expand on your comment? Ed
    6. willp07
      Hey Nick, you seem tot be the guy to ask about axles stuff so here it goes. I found a set of J20 axles out of a 79 for $300, with a 60 rear and 44 front, has open knuckles in the pic, rear is full floating, both are pass side drop. These things are very wide, im curious if its even a possible to narrow these down to 53"ish or 56"ish to get them under my 64' CJ5. I would prefer not to outboard if I can get away with it. Is this setup even possible or worth it? Can I buy cut to fit axles and drop in? I dont mind cutting and welding the tubes, doing some fab work on them, just want something bulletproof I wont have to worry about later. Thanks. Will.
    7. Old Time Jeeper
      Old Time Jeeper
      I posted an add for a Dana 30 narrow track, sale price Free. The item is gone, so how do I delete the post? Thanks, Hank.
    8. 72_CJ5_MUD
      Thank u nickmil, my son noticed a structural crack at the base of each lamp enclosure and I wanted to remove until I could have them Professionally corrected (mig weld and ground to original specs). Again, Thank you very much... pass same onto Sparky too please!

    9. Brem10mm

      Starting to install 11" drums on my axles finally. I do have a question since I don't have an assembled drum brake to look at. Does the brake shoe with the shorter amount of lining go to the front? And the long lining brake shoe to the rear?
    10. ojgrsoi
      I placed an ad WTB a fender without indent. It is under early cj5 classified. I would like to delete it but do not know how. Please delete or send me a message on how to do it myself. Thanks for your help on this site.

    11. texashans
      Hi Nick,

      Got a question for you. I have a pre 67 cj6 tub and wondered what the diff would be in a 68 frame, would they work together. I also have an offer for a M170 would that work?
    12. modified
      Nick, I think I'm interested in the R/P (4.88 >Dana 25) setup you have for free. Let me know the shipping to zip 11231 thanks tom
    13. Extreem

      Do you think I should tear back into this transmission ?
    14. davistroy
      Hi, I hear you may have a twin stick conversion kit available? Can you tell me about it and pricing? I have a single stick D18 and I hate it.
      Troy Davis
      1966 CJ5 / 225 / T86 / D18
    15. mpc
    16. Dummy
      Cool. Glad it got there. I got that axle 6 or 7 years ago when I still had my Dodge with the D60 front. I bought it from a guy at 4-Wheel & Off-Road. I can't exactly remember what model he said it was for, but I remember it wasn't for a Dodge. I got it on the off chance that it'd fit my Dodge's Dynatrac D60 front if I ever broke the long side shaft. I think it's for a Chevy D60 front (like from a CUCV pickup). Fuzzy memory also seems to think it's either a Yukon or Moser alloy shaft and not just a regular stock replacement type shaft. If it's a Moser it's an early prototype because I think they now stamp "Moser" around the U-joint ears nowadays.

      Either way, if it fits your housing I'd hit the seal surfaces with a little light emory cloth to remove that flash rust and run it.

      Good luck with it.
    17. green71jeep
      Hey Nick...

      Just saw your note on Sparkys profile man people can be such idiots .And seeing that I realized I never thanked you for help /knowledge awhile back when I was putting gears and an ARB in my buddys heep it was appreciated.I came to you because like was said there are peolple on this board you can count on to give the right advise and not lead you astray and you are one of them and I thankyou for that.
      So dont let the few spoil it for ya there are many more that I that I am sure you helped that just never remembered to say thanks or tought you new it was appreciated.

      Thanks allot

    18. nickmil
      Thanks Bobo, and to all. I'm coming back more and more, some more, some less, but will always try to help as I can. I appreciate the feed back and as time allows I'll continue to lurk here. I still believe this is the best site on the net for Jeep stuff, especially the Early stuff!

      I really appreciate the words of encouragement!
    19. bobo
      I found this site and have learned tons of jeep things, As I read and comtumplated the responces. I begin to realize whos info you can trust and whos just guessing. You are one of my fav, Your knowledge. and your uniq style has always been a "take it to the bank" for me I truly apreciate your sharing I found R&P through your post and thanks. Ive bought stuff from them. You sometime may feel like you talking to the wall but Your needed.Maybe thats why your a teacher! Thanks again
    20. nickmil
      Thanks Seth! Lynn also contacted me wondering what it was all about. I still lurk and answer once in a while and will be back much more once I take a break. The fact you guys are contacting me really is appreciated and shows how caring the people on this board really are. Never fear, I'll be back. I still feel this board is the best on the net. Have a beer on me!
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    Happy Valley, OR
    I ain't telling :)
    '59 CJ-5
    231 Buick V-6, Saginaw 4 speed, 18 transfer
    Dana 44 front ARB, Dana 44 FF rear Lock-Rite
    10x15 alloy wheels, 33x12.5x15 Hankook Sport 4
    4 wheel discs, Koenig PTO winch, On board air, FF rear, full cage, Pwr stg, Warn axle shafts
    Trusty Rusty (Daughter named it)
    Old Rancho 2 1/2"


    '59 CJ-5 modified, '59 CJ-6 more modified
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