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$ sink
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Apr 11, 2010
Nov 25, 2004
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Virginia Bch

$ sink

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Apr 11, 2010
    1. $ sink
      $ sink
      Nice looking Alpina, thanks for sharin. a couple of years newer than mine and in alot better condition than mine was in when I got it.
    2. $ sink
      $ sink
      of course these are in the wrong order, read the bottom first

      The aluminum fenders did not last long on these, usually the first time the bike was dropped or tweeked the fenders were trashed for plastic. from your picture you are also missing the trianglular spark arester that goes between the shock and the frame, and a spring off of your exhaust flange.

      final note: they could be fitted with lights, horn and speedometer for the street. make sure if Father in Law has those parts you grab them, hard to get and spensive.

      Parts and help available from Hughes Bultaco and many others.
    3. GPin
      Hey there, I saw your bultaco pic and thought you might be a fan. My in laws were moving this summer and I was recruited to help. Down in the basement they had the "dirt" room were for some reason the floor was dirt. In there I found a 74? bultaco alpina 350. Been sitting there for at least 20 years in this climate controlled room. Father in law said take it home. The points wire was shorted to ground, fixed that, put some gas in it and aired up the tires and it runs great. This thing is very original except the plastic fenders. I think the tires might even be original, they say made in Spain on them. It is in great shape. I have not ridden it yet, I just got it running. I bet its a animal. Here is a picture. Thought I would share this with you.
    4. $ sink
      $ sink
      what do you need? I got plenty of small parts around, a few large
    5. Dan66cj5
      I may have a input gear for you.. 6 spline/29 tooth. I would have to check. I'd let it go for cheap or just trade you if you wanna spring for shipping. Anything else to trade ?
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