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  1. jwmckenzie
    Working on odds and ends: Winch install, fuel gauge, Install steps
  2. jwmckenzie
    jwmckenzie masscj2a
    I see you are looking for a title. I can tell you how to get one in MA. Just did it for a Model A Ford. PM if interested
  3. masscj2a
    masscj2a Glenn
    I had an ad in early cj5 classified. It was looking to buy a parts jeep with title. Can you tell me where it to. Thanks Mark
  4. jeeper50
    jeeper50 Chilly
    got your mount cut out, ready to ship. just need an address and funds
  5. Greenwithenvy
    Still kicking and Jeeping!
  6. shaun
    shaun alleycat3677
    You thinking of getting rid of those mufflers? I may be interested in them. What kind are they? I'm a firefighter myself down in Dayton OH.
  7. 1965Tux
    1965Tux PieLut
    Trying to contact you about the windshield..... you can reach me at 757-724-8657
  8. Unkel Dale
    Unkel Dale ziv
    World wide coverage of Mr, Perez passing, sorry for your loss. Is his influence replaceable?
  9. eyotajeeper
    eyotajeeper OLDSKOOL
    I have a steering column out of a '72. It has the wheel still attached but the wheel has a crack in each spoke.
  10. fctex
    fctex 4xwriter
    Have a pic of an under hood aluminum tag of a sso. Was from a member here but dont know how to post pics. Can send it from my phone. Keith
  11. captain cj
    captain cj twiggs
    You can text me at 727-804-0314 for pics of the fenders and hoods, I also have a grill available.
  12. captain cj
    captain cj Justin66cj6
    You can text me at 727-804-0314 for pics of the fenders and hoods, I also have a grill available.
  13. Greenwithenvy
    Still breathing and kicking, thanks to God!
  14. Greenshirt82
    Up for driving!
  15. 1960willyscj5
    1960willyscj5 Mark T.
    Shoot! Don't follow me. I'm lost!
    1. Mark T. likes this.
    2. Mark T.
      Mark T.
      gotta follow, you're in Mesa and I am new to this early CJ stuff. Now off to find a hub puller somewhere.
      Sep 25, 2016
  16. Old Doug
    Old Doug Warloch
    I lived in Calhan for about a year in 1981. I liked the land but the people were way diffrent and i missed Mo. I have heared that it cost alot to live there.I would like to get a motorhome and pull one of my jeeps and go back there to look around. Old Doug
  17. redwoodgrown_jeeper
    redwoodgrown_jeeper endless expense 45
    I would like to know if you would ship the headers to 83676
  18. Bajatransit
    Currently underway to convert to putting a rebuilt 1989 4.3 V-6 mated to an Sm465 and NP205. Learning one bolt at a time.
  19. jeeper50
    jeeper50 Chilly
    address Jeff Heidman 77 springfield ct newnan, ga 30265
  20. jeeper50
    jeeper50 Chilly
    I still have the rest of the 8" tube, let me make sure it enough for another mount. Where are you located?
    1. Chilly
      I'm in W. PA.
      Sep 17, 2016
    2. jeeper50
      Sep 19, 2016
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