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Different way to route 258 exhaust...?

Discussion in 'Intermediate CJ-5/6/7/8' started by Strider380, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Jan 5, 2010

    Strider380 Can I have a zip tie?

    New England
    Jan 12, 2006
    My tail pipe snapped off the muffler. Instead of welding it back on, I figured I'd just get a new muffler and tailpipe since the current ones probably only have a year left in them anyway. For a tail pipe, the local exhaust shop wants 75 bucks to bend. All the flaps sell them for 40 bucks, but can't seem to get them very easily, and are even trying to charge me for shipping across the country.

    Instead of getting the tailpipe, can I just put an elbow there? Routing the exhaust right in front of the rear drivers tire? Just like on the v6's. I did it on my V6 and it was very quick, easy and simple. I'd prefer it on my 258, much over buying a new tail pipe. Any drawbacks that I'm missing? I can't say I've ever actually seen it done.
  2. Jan 5, 2010

    timgr Jeepin' Nerd 2020 Sponsor 2019 Sponsor

    Medford Mass USA
    Aug 10, 2003
    RockAuto lists a Walker 44564, $28.79 plus $7.49 shipping.

    You may get a lot of exhaust fumes in the cabin with the elbow. You either have to dump in front of the axle or come over the frame rail to dump to the outside. Jeeps with fenderwell headers dump to the sides, but there the muffler is already outside of the frame rail.

    I'd spring for a new tailpipe.
  3. Jan 17, 2010

    jollyjeepers Member

    Roanoke, VA
    Aug 11, 2003
    We put headers on our 258 several years ago and had custom dual exhaust made that was routed and tucked up and under tight to the body. Because of the addition of the headers, we had to switch to antique tags because this removed all of the factory pollution garbage and we would not be able to get conventional inspection.

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