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Jul 7, 2020 at 6:32 AM
Oct 26, 2005
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Now with TBI!, from Newnan, Georgia

nwedgar was last seen:
Jul 7, 2020 at 6:32 AM
    1. army grunt
      army grunt
      What color is your jeep?I really like it
      Army Grunt
    2. pete72
      Thanks for the info Norm. I pulled them apart without a problem. They were pretty dry inside so I just lightly lubed them after I cleaned and painted them. I'm amazed at how simple they are. Now they don't look look so bad on my nicely painted wheels :-)

      Hope you guy's did OK in the storms last night, we had absolutely nothing (except stress) We're very lucky compared to others up the road.
    3. nwedgar
      Hey Pete. The painting is done! At least the main body color anyway. The stuff is still for sale, had someone buy the 75 dash though, lives really close to me too.

      On the Warn hubs, if you're not done by now, there is a spring inside that is what makes the hub engage, but it's attached and shouldn't go flying out anywhere. They are pretty easy to take apart. I just did mine and re-lubed. Warn sells a maintenance kit, but it doesn't have parts in it that break, I think it's mostly the little allen head screws and some gaskets. There is a snap ring that holds the thing onto the axle.

      I would definitely jack up the Jeep on the axle so you can slip everything off easier. It's a great day to work on Jeeps that's for sure. See you around.
    4. pete72
      Hi Norm. How's the painting going? Saw your fenders and stuff on Craigslist, you have any luck selling them? I think you can help me with this. I did some research on Warn hubs and I saw your posts from a while back. I was going to pull mine off the Jeep today ( good day for it) and clean them up. They are corroded and the paint has flaked off. Do they just come apart and re-assemble as expected or are there going to be small things that explode and get lost on the garage floor? Do you have to support the affected wheel etc. I know that I'll probably have to make a gasket but will they need a rebuild kit once they are opened? They were working so I know? they aren't broken. Thanks
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    Newnan, Georgia
    1974 CJ5
    360; T18a; D20
    D30/D44; 3.73
    33" BFG MT
    Tilt steering, disc brakes, Aussie locker, eLocker
    "the Jeep"
    3" Black diamond spring lift
    Born '64 into a Jeep family!

    My Jeep; shooting (target/skeet/trap/etc.)


    '74 CJ5 "Atomic Orange", D30&44 @ 3.73, AMC 360 / T-18a / twin stick Dana 20 / Aussie locker / e-Locker

    '67 Steven M416 - Work in progress
    '06 Rubicon - 3.5" Metalcloak lift, and lots of other goodies
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