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Dash/instrument "clean Up"

Discussion in 'Early CJ5 and CJ6 Tech' started by CincyCJ5-66, Aug 31, 2021.

  1. Aug 31, 2021

    CincyCJ5-66 New Member

    Aug 20, 2021
    I just picked up my new to me 1966 last Friday. Fun so far!

    I ordered a new speedometer (old one didn't work) and started the process of putting it in tonight. It is the Omix model here (https://www.morris4x4center.com/omix-ada-speedometer-cluster-0-90-mph-17206-04.html).

    When starting to take things apart/put things together, I had some questions:

    1) There is a spot to hook up the temp temp to the gauge cluster. When I took the old one off there was nothing connected. I have a separate gauge on the dash for engine temp (I put a picture of it on here, from behind). How do you attach the temperature sending unit to the new gauge? It only has a stud that it looks like you should hook up an electric connector.

    2) None of the lights worked in the gauge cluster....some are simply burnt out and some I can get nothing from when testing them. Two that I can pick up voltage on are what I believe to be the amp and oil pressure dummy lights. I also have a separate oil pressure and amp gauge. Thoughts on eliminating the separate gauges?

    3) What on my dash is original and what has been added on? I'd like to go back to what was on the original dash....less is more in my mind.

    4) There are two switches right next to the tach.....any idea what these may do? I cannot figure it out near did the PO.

    Forgive some of my terminology here.....I'm new to some things mechanical related, especially when it comes to electrical components!

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  2. Sep 1, 2021

    Twin2 not him 2022 Sponsor 2021 Sponsor 2020 Sponsor

    Virginia Beach, VA
    Apr 28, 2011
    well the cluster is later model but wiring is
    cj speedo wiring.jpg
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  3. Sep 1, 2021

    timgr We stand on the shoulders of giants. 2022 Sponsor 2021 Sponsor 2020 Sponsor

    Medford Mass USA
    Aug 10, 2003
    The gauges operate on about 5 volts. There is a voltage regulator inside the fuel gauge that lowers the voltage from 12V to 5V. Both the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge connect to a sending unit.

    These Jeeps did not have any additional gauges other than fuel and temperature in the cluster, and the speedometer. If you have other gauges in the dash, they are aftermarket and you should look to their maker for connection instructions. Your other gauges look like a mechanical temperature and oil pressure gauge. They do not have senders, instead depending on the copper tubing to deliver oil pressure to the gauge, or the temperature bulb to move the gauge needle.

    The original gauges in the cluster are electric. Your aftermarket gauges are mechanical.

    Do you have the FSM? PSA - Which Manual Should I Buy?

    I suggest you refer to the factory wiring diagram and trace out the wires to the gauges, and to your mystery switches. You pretty much have to have the Jeep in front of you to do anything electrical.
  4. Jan 17, 2022

    FlatlanderCJ5 Member

    Wichita, KS
    Jan 2, 2022
    I have a 73 that's currently in the tear-down and fix mode so everything is in pieces. The dash has the regular speedometer, except the water temp gauge is just a blank space, there was no gauge installed. I have a separate water temp gauge, a 60-0-60 ammeter, and a mechanical oil pressure gauge. I thought the omission of the water temp gauge on the speedo assembly was something that a previous owner may have done, but after I pulled the dash out as a complete unit, everything looked undisturbed. I know there were some options that could be installed but I can't see even a dealer taking the time to tear a speedometer apart just to remove a temp gauge that won't be used anyway, and the holes have the little notch at the bottom which would be hard to do a dealer. I'm thinking this was the setup from the factory. I know yours (1966?) isn't an AMC, but as I am finding out, there was a lot of variances during the build process, even within the same year. Good luck on your project.
  5. Jan 17, 2022

    PeteL If it wasn't for physics, and law enforcement... 2022 Sponsor 2021 Sponsor 2020 Sponsor

    Hills of NH
    Aug 3, 2003
    At last with the OEM unit, be aware that putting power to it without a solid ground will let all the smoke out, permanently.

    So I'm told by people here who are smarter than I am.
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  6. Jan 17, 2022
    matt johnson

    matt johnson Caretaker of family Jeeps 2021 Sponsor 2020 Sponsor

    chesapeake, va
    Sep 3, 2003
    My .02 I prefer mechanical oil and temp guages.
  7. Jan 17, 2022

    Oldpappy A.C. Fults - Curmudgeon at large 2022 Sponsor 2021 Sponsor

    East Tennessee
    Feb 8, 2021
    Good luck with the Omix-ADA cluster.

    I prefer a mechanical Oil gauge over the idiot light on the cluster, and a temperature gauge that actually tells me the temperature.

    I got the speedometer and lights to work on my original cluster, couldn't get the fuel or temp gauges to work. My dash already had old crusty aftermarket gauges installed in the dash, so I replaced those with a set of quality gauges for fuel, oil pressure, temperature, and voltage.

    I have an unmolested dash panel in the barn I was originally planning to use, but what I have now looks and works fine.
  8. Jan 17, 2022
    Rick Whitson

    Rick Whitson Detroit Area 2022 Sponsor 2021 Sponsor 2020 Sponsor

    I live South of...
    Dec 2, 2014
    That looks like a Three on the Tree dash, has the cut out for a column shift. Could be a Dispatcher or a Tuxedo Park dash. Just saying.
  9. Jan 18, 2022

    Keys5a Sponsor

    Florida Keys
    Jan 23, 2014
    Yes, the dash is from a MKlV Tux, maybe the rest of the Jeep is too. Is the serial number prefix 8322?
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